• Shower and exfoliate your entire body before a tanning session.

  • DO NOT use moisturizer until after your post-tanning shower. Lotions can act as a barrier and prevent the solution from contacting the skin. The same applies to the face and makeup.

Preparing for your tanning session . . .
  • Wear a dark colored bathing suit or your garment of your preference to tan in. The solution washes out of most clothing very easily, but tends to stain silk, light nylon materials, and wool.

  • Bring loose clothing and sandals to your appointment. Tight fitting clothing will prevent the tanning solution from setting in.

  • Wait at least 6 hours before showering after your tanning session. You need to allow enough time for the reaction to take place, the longer the better.

  • Apply moisturizer, morning and evening, after your post-tanning shower. Hydrated skin maintains a longer life to your tan.  We recommend Desert Rain Moisturizer Tan Extender.

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