Maintaining Your Tan

Your skin type affects how often you need to tan. Dryer skin exfoliates faster, so hydrating with lotion between sessions is essential to keep your tan alive.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moist-urize. Schedule regular tanning sessions.

  • DO NOT sit directly on leather or light fabric seats and furniture after your tanning session. Sit on a towel or cloth instead.

  • Taking long hot baths or soaking in the pool can accelerate exfoliation and fade your tan.

  • Do not exercise immediately following your tanning session. Excessive perspiration can affect the tanning process and the end result of your tan.

  • DO NOT use lotions with AlphaHydroxy Acids; their purpose is to increase exfoliation. Know that their use will accelerate the fading process of your tan.

  • Post-tan shower: If you have had an application with bronzer, you will see color washing off in the first time you shower. DO NOT be alarmed; this is just the surface color that was applied. Your skin will continue to tan as the self-tan reaction occurs on your skin.

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